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Anna Fishbeyn is an actress, filmmaker, director, speaker and author. She is the star and director of Galaxy 360: A Woman’s Playground, a sci-fi feminist comedy film set in 2195, where women rule the world and men dream of getting married, She is the creator and founder of ANTERIYA WORLD, a new feminist platform where humor meets social purpose: featuring films, tv, series, bloopers, theater, and the birth of Transformational Feminism. Her feature film, Galaxy 360: A Woman’s Playground recently screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and has been called “iconic….as a comedy and a powerful message,” “a cult classic,” and “a cross between Felini, Woody Allen and Saturday Night Live” by critics, and has been called “a masterpiece” and “hilarious” by audiences.  She is also the star and director of the award-winning short film, Invisible Alice, the creator, star and producer of the award-winning web series, Happy Hour Feminism, and the playwright and star of critically acclaimed plays, My Stubborn Tongue, and Sex in Mommyville. She wrote, sang and danced in the audience favorite sexy cabaret, Anna on Fire and Uncensored, recommended by NitelifeNYC and CBS Local News. She is also the author of The Matrimonial Flirtations of Emma Kaulfield, her first novel, which has been compared by critics to Nabokov, Austen and Tolstoy.  Anna FOUNDED XOFeminist Productions and Anteriya Films IN ORDER TO CREATE ORIGINAL, FEMALE-DRIVEN, MULTI-CULTURAL, INNOVATIVE CONTENT FOR TV, FILM AND THEATER. SHE HAS A passion for the betterment of women in society and has shaped her work to drive gender equality


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