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Sex in Mommyville is the story of one woman’s struggle to find equilibrium and selfhood in the complex tapestry of ambition, motherhood, marriage and that ancient conundrum known as female sexuality. Artemis is a feisty, intellectual, sexually-liberated stay-at-home mom who adores her children, dreams of publishing her novel, loves her over-eager Russian parents, and only wants to be understood by her blackberry-hijacked Wall-Street-lawyer husband, Zeus. But as she juggles the act of writing with the job of mothering, she realizes that unless she’s willing to go to battle, she will remain invisible.

Against the backdrop of quarrelsome Muses and failed sex attempts, Sex in Mommyville fearlessly portrays modern motherhood and unleashes a devastating commentary on the current state of feminism. The show addresses issues women face today but through wit, humor and outrageous, laugh-out-loud bedroom moments, difficult truths and gritty familial realities become addictively entertaining.

Sex in Mommyville is more than simply a play: it is a communal experience, a cathartic release for its female audiences, and a rallying cry of support and inspiration to mothers.












Sex in Mommyville was recommended by Bloomberg News, compared to A Doll’s House by Jewish Week, described as “shattering all the myths around women,” by the Huffington Post, compared to “all great comedies” and called "comic genius" by WCBS Radio, called “smart,” “self-aware,” and “funny” by Backstage Magazine, chosen as an Editor Pick by Flavorpill, picked by WNYC Culture as the show not to miss, and described as “brutally honest, raw and hilarious” by a Mom Blogger.

Sex in Mommyville has played at numerous New York venues, including the Flea Theatre, La Mama Theatre, Manhattan Repertory Theatre, Museum of Motherhood, Snapple Theater, Ars Nova, the Peter Jay Sharp Theater and Pearl Theater .

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