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Anna Fishbeyn featured in THRIVE GLOBAL MAGAZINE

“Don’t let fear paralyze you”




"Sci-fi is vital because the genre offers uncharted territory, an incubator for one’s imagination, which allows writers to reinvent society with a female gaze and envision worlds where women are free to set up their own rules and become anyone they want."


ANNA featured in REEL 360

REEL 360

"Anna's web series, HAPPY HOUR FEMINISM, won for best web series at the Ocktober Film Festival" UCAN Magazine Feature 

"A few weeks ago, Wildly Creative talked with Anna Fishbeyn about feminism, creativity and all of the ways of living in wildly creative space. Check out the interview [AUDIO]: 'I only got onto the stage after I had my children. When I became a mom, it gave me an enormous freedom in thinking about myself.'" WILDLY CREATIVE PODCAST

"FOLLOWING a successful off-Broadway run at the New Ohio Theatre and the United Solo Festival in 2014, Anna Fishbeyn’s one-woman show, My Stubborn Tongue was transformed into a cabaret by award-winning director Adrian Roman and premiered at the Soho Theatre in 2015.

Now, My Stubborn Tongue Cabaret returns to London – to Pushkin House – where it will be performed on May 5 and May 7, 2016.

Written and performed by award-winning actress and writer, Anna Fishbeyn (Sex in Mommyville), the show features pianist Sam Cable, is directed by award-winning director Adrian Roman (Happy Hour Feminism) and has musical direction by Richard Binder. It is currently playing off-Broadway at the Triad Theater.

Fishbeyn explains the premise of the show as: “The Russians have finally landed in New York to experience the heartbreak and hilarity of being an immigrant at the height of the Cold War, when Reagan calls Russia the Evil Empire, and Madonna sings about her virginity. 

My Stubborn Tongue Cabaret is the true story of a girl and her family, who escape the KGB and arrive in America only to realize they have a thick Russian accent! My Stubborn Tongue Cabaret exposes hard hilarious truths about how we reinvent our identities, and sing and dance our way into the American Dream! 

“The show introduces a new original comic cabaret style, The Communist Cabaret, with thrilling songs and dances from the Cold War Era.”

Pushkin House. 5A Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1A 2TA 



“Fishbeyn has a huge personality, and it suits – this is a big show! …She sings both American and Russian songs with gusto…brilliant, well told story…this show had a profound and lasting message…4 Stars” – FEMALE ARTS



“Give it up for Anna Fishbeyn, who manages to turn painful memoir into an insightful, entertaining show…such is Fishbeyn’s charm — and her gift for revealing both the humor and heartbreak of Russian-American life — that her tale is ultimately redemptive….Fishbeyn [has] triumphed!” – HUFFINGTON POST

“Playwright/actor Anna Fishbeyn …has…a thrilling singing voice and strong comedic impersonation skills.” – JEWISH STANDARD

Fishbeyn would be “…an asset to both the Kremlin and US State Department.” – FLAVORPILL NYC

“In Anna Fishbeyn’s solo show, the writer and actor recounts her childhood emigration from Russia to America and her struggles to wrap lips, teeth and tongue around new vowels, consonants and worlds. ” – NEW YORK TIMES

“Comic writer-performer Anna Fishbeyn (Sex in Mommyville) shares tales of her struggle to master the English language as a Russian-Jewish immigrant to America when she was a girl.”  – NEW YORK TIME OUT

“My grandmother was an extraordinary woman who survived Stalin, WWII, KGB interrogations, the Communist regime, immigration to America and life in America. 

Before she died, she asked me: what is the point of life – we suffer there, we suffer here, we suffer when we’re young and we suffer when we’re old.”  – A YOUNGER THEATRE

“Part of what makes Anna so special is that she remembers fleeing Russia and remembers her childhood in Russia. She remembers being the ‘other’ in Russia, and coming to the United States and being the ‘other…’”  – VOICES OF NEW YORK

“My Stubborn Tongue uses humor and lyricism to explain, “You have no idea what this person is like in their actual tongue. And you will never know, because they will never speak in a way that’s palatable for you.” – UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MAGAZINE

“Sex in Mommyville is shattering all the myths around women, motherhood and modern relationships.”
Huffington Post

“Like some of the very best humorists and essayists, Fishbeyn is not afraid to mine her own life…for humor and pathos (think: Nora Ephron or David Sedaris).”
Rachel Mann from Becoming A Jewish Parent

“Sex in Mommyville is brutally honest, raw and hilarious!”
Sarah Fader from Old School/New School Mom

Ted Merwin of Jewish Week calls Sex in Mommyville “a lusty, unbridled…updating of Henrik Ibsen’s “‘A Doll’s House…’ and describes the main character as “highly intellectual.”

Jeremy Gerard of Bloomberg News tweets: “Zach Braff! Tristine Skyler! Jennifer Senior! See `Sex in Mommyville’! Just two more chances.”

“Furious….I’ll still take her [Fishbeyn’s] spleen over the sitcom slickness of Zach Braff’s ‘All New People.'”
Jeremy Gerard from Bloomberg News

“Sex in Mommyville begins tonight. If that name isn’t intriguing, we don’t know what is!”
Parents with Angst (Famous Words)

“The FS Suggests….Sex in Mommyville”
Jill Dolan of The Feminist Spectator

“[Anna Fishbeyn] is a TOTAL NATURAL and I’d even dare say a COMIC GENIUS. Her one woman show, called Sex in Mommyville, is part social commentary, part feminist rant, part slapstick, all equaling a HILARIOUS IRREVERENT LOOK at how parents cope with having children but still wanting to make whoopie. Like all great comedies, SEX IN MOMMYVILLE is extremely FUNNY BUT ALSO VERY POIGNANT. You see Anna isn’t happy with the way the media has desexualized moms and she’s got a point to make…I must say PARENTS OR NOT PARENTS YOU WILL LAUGH YOUR HEAD OFF!”
Stewart Lewis of WCBS

“Fishbeyn has charm to burn, as well as charisma, intelligence, and a wholesome sexiness.”
Backstage Magazine

“Fishbeyn’s a gifted writer and engaging storyteller. We get the idea that it’d be nice having coffee with her… if she weren’t so busy.” Editor Pick

“In combat boots and fishnet tights, Fishbeyn unapologetically looks at the (sometimes rare) intersections of sex and motherhood, taking the play from babyland to … babeland.” Recommended

“Fishbeyn excels as the play’s sole performer. She is warm and engaging from the get go, speaking to the audience as if they were a long lost friend stopping by for a visit.”
Elevated Difference

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