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ANNA ON FIRE AND UNCENSORED is a comedy show that unapologetically explores female guilt, repression, desire and sexual liberation. Inspired by real life stories, Anna takes us on a journey of a woman who is a first generation American, straddling two worlds – her strict repressive Russian upbringing and her newly discovered American freedom. Sizzling with famous 80’s and Disney songs hilariously revamped to express raw sexual lust and immigrant angst, Anna will you have you laughing your face off! This show is a ride around the globe – from Cold War Russia to post Trump America, so buckle your seat belt! –Oh and waterproof mascara is a must! ... on this journey through sex, religion, and online dating – Anna on Fire is raw, unplugged and uncensored! Co-directed by Brennan Lowery (improvisation specialist) and Kristin Heckler (her work explores gender and sexuality), and musical direction by Mike Pettry (an award winning composer). Publicity by Beck Lee and Media Blitz.

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